Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Smartphone?

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Smartphone?

Have you had a terrible start to the day by accidentally dropping your phone? Has the screen cracked badly, is the display is flickering and the panel is broken. Looking at the state of the phone you must be wondering whether to repair or replace your smartphone.

The process can be complicated and confusing considering your cash inflow and expenses, you weren’t prepared for an unexpected expense. Well, in that case, keep reading, you will find a solution here.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a smartphone?

If your smartphone is repairable and it can be got back to its original condition without spending a fortune, it is always advisable to get it repaired instead of buying a new phone. Below mentioned are some of the key reasons for repairing a smartphone instead of replacing it. 

  • It saves money: 

One of the main reasons to consider a repair over replacement is that it is cost-efficient, your existing phone might not have the latest processor or the best camera or it hangs at times, but it’s still useful. Unless it’s really necessary one should consider repairing from a professional phone repair shop instead of replacing the phone. Of course, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a new phone with the latest technology, that’s how the consumer-based economy is working all over the world with continuous upgradation and innovation. Unfortunately, the fact is, not everyone can afford a new phone.

  • Get maximum value: 

You cannot sell a broken or damaged smartphone in the market; you will receive much less money than you expect. It’s better to repair the phone from a professional phone repair shop and use it for a while and then sell it in a good condition which will give you the price you want. Repairs also increase your phone value.

  • Environmental reasons: 

This has a long-term effect but considering the elements used in the manufacturing of the smartphone.  Coltan is an essential substance used in manufacturing phones which is scarce, and it contains tantalum and niobium, which are extracted from a mineral ore that is rarely available. A number of rare minerals have to be extracted for the production of smartphones, the resources may soon start depleting as the production of phones increases tremendously each year.

Where should I get my smartphone repaired?

In most cases, affordable repair from a professional phone repair shop can extend your phone’s life by several months or years in some cases. 

One should consider repairing their phone at a professional phone repair shop.  The team of expert technicians at the store are experienced and skilled, they use authentic parts, provide warranty on the spare parts used, and their service is usually quicker than other local repair shops.

In most cases, it makes more sense to repair your current phone from professionals with minimal cost and use it for a longer time, while you can wait and save to buy a better and upgraded phone in the future. When making this decision one should keep in mind the cost of repair required and the overall condition of the phone.

One can also consider purchasing a refurbished phone if their new phone has been damaged say in less than a year and needs to be replaced. Instead of purchasing a new phone, go for refurbished phones that look and feel just like new, with no hardware or software damages. In the case of refurbished phones, all the issues or damages are checked and then the phone is given clearance to sell. 

There are professional phone repair shops that not only offer basic phone repairs but also offer refurbished phones. If you think your old phone has taken a lot of damage and spending on its repair is not worth it, you can also avail the professional phone repair shop’s buy, sell and trade service of used phones, you can get a refurbished phone.