5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server is Right for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server is Right for Your Business

If your website has recently started experiencing slow loading time, it may be signalling that you need to upgrade your web hosting plan. Although Shared Servers are pocket-friendly, you may outgrow their benefits once your website starts growing at a good rate. This is where Dedicated Hosting swoops in for your rescue.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

A Dedicated Server is a type of a remote server that is dedicated to a single client or organization. Unlike Shared Hosting, where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, all the resources of a Dedicated Server are used by a single client. The result is better performance for your website and consequently for your business.

In this article, we would list down the 5 top-most important reasons that would compel you to migrate your website to a Dedicated Server.

  1. Reliability: Dedicated Server is suitable for websites experiencing a high inflow of traffic. Shared Servers may experience performance degradation if one or all the websites start consuming a lot of resources. However, with a dedicated amount of resources at your disposal, Dedicated Hosting has been known to provide much better reliability for websites. It has a better uptime score compared to other traditional hosting solutions.
  2. Better performance: Since there is no contention for resources with other websites, a Dedicated Server offers better website performance. All the resources are utilized for a single website, which ensures that your site loads at lightning speed. This is particularly important for business websites, as research suggests that having a fast loading website can significantly bring down the bounce rate. A Dedicated Server can help improve the page load times, thereby decreasing the bounce rate and increasing customer retention.
  3. Improved Security: One of the major concerns for a growing business website is the increasing
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Are Regular Home Phones Suitable For VoIP Calls?

Are Regular Home Phones Suitable For VoIP Calls?

VoIP is short for the Voice over Internet Protocol which exemplifies the progression and evolution of advanced technology inside the sector of telecommunication. Earlier, people were required to think hard before long-distance and international calls owing to their skyrocketing prices that eventually led to increased telephone bills. However, with all the introduction of VoIP technology, everyone has a reason to smile as they possibly can now make such calls at the minimal price or free of charge. The basic requirements to avail the services of the VoIP technology include a high-speed reliable web connection that enables website visitors to make and receive calls over the internet. People need not be tech-savvy to utilize this VoIP system because the nature of these services is incredibly obvious to see which won’t even require these to possess any technological knowledge.

The VoIP providers offer ATA called the Analog Telephone Adapter which should be installed to connect the actual telephone jack using the network of Internet Protocol. The Analog Telephone Adapter can be a special device that’s greatly instrumental in converting the normal cell phone calls into digital data packets or files which are essentially zipped before their transmission over the Internet Protocol.

The transmission is carried out within the form of compressed data, that is effectively decoded on the receiving end. This Analog Telephone Adapter, therefore, provides a converter that transforms a regular phone into a hi-tech digital phone with exceptional features. Such connections can be created by broadband connection providers or telephone agencies at a nominal charge. The regular home phones may then effectively be employed to avail the assistance of the VoIP telephony.

The cost-effectiveness of such telephony services is the thing that lures people to secure such connections. VoIP systems thus enable people to get rid of increasing phone bills …

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Switch to VOIP Technology this year

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Switch to VOIP Technology this year

With the economy inside the shape, it can be today, many smaller businesses are facing some tough realities as a way to manage their business. Small business people are keeping spending to a minimum and controlling costs since they ride out this economic downturn. Many seasoned companies will explain the good thing about operating a business throughout a downturn is that it can make you research your business and select what’s important and what’s not. All operating costs and expenses are examined using a fine-toothed comb and it’s in this time a large number of companies find money that is gonna waste.

Depending on your business, your telecommunication costs can eat up a considerable chunk of your budget. Over the last several years VOIP technology has come old as costs keep getting lower and service keeps getting better. Listed below are the 5 reasons you should think about making the switch to VOIP technology for your business in 2010.

1 – It’s Cheaper than an outdated telephone service. Although you will expend several hundred dollars in equipment to have yourself set up, the savings on the end could be substantial. One in the biggest savings is long-distance charges. Besides spending cross country access fees every month, most traditional phone companies charge rates considerably more than VOIP providers. Most VOIP plans come standard with nearly all features imaginable while traditional phone companies usually charge a monthly fee for only the most basic features. These increase fees can rapidly add up on your monthly bill.

2 – Unified Communication. Unified Communications is a fancy word to explain the opportunity to integrate your VOIP phone service along with other communications including email and software. With unified communications, you can have voicemail messages emailed right to you wherever you could be. Long gone are …

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