Top 3 Gadgets That Are Necessary For Our Daily Lives

Top 3 Gadgets That Are Necessary For Our Daily Lives

Consider the equipment you couldn’t survive without.

From the mobile phone, which you constantly check every minute, to the camera, which you take with you on every vacation and adventure, to the TV, which acts as a gateway to other dimensions of life.

Technology plays an important role in our lives, and many of us may find it difficult to remember a time when mobile devices and other gadgets were not commonplace.

Not in the distant past, the cleverest gadgets our households had was an ice dispenser inside or refrigerators.

Thankfully, housebound gadgetry now has the intelligence it needs.

So, while you continue to make a mess of yourself on the couch, you could use your mobile device to communicate to a speaker to turn the heat down or turn off the washing machine.

The devices we use to consume information or carry out daily activities, whether it’s a television or a microwave, are only as good as their warranty and policies.

For smooth operation, it is also critical to have reputable and trustworthy equipment with adequate warranties.

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With this, let us take a deep dive into some of the gadgets we have grown dependent on.

1.  Phones.

Mobile phones have evolved into electronic companions for the majority of us.

Aside from the most basic functions of texting and calling, we use our devices for a variety of other activities.

From waking us up in the morning, informing us of traffic conditions to informing us of the time of our next meeting.

We’ve become so accustomed to our mobile phones that it’s hard to envisage life without them!

In terms of mobile device use, according to the Ofcom report, people in the UK now check their devices every 12 minutes, mostly when they wake up.

40% of adults admit to checking their phones within the first five minutes of waking up.

Increasing to 65% of people under the age of 35.

Furthermore, 37 per cent of adults look at their mobile devices five minutes before going to bed, with the figure rising to 60 per cent among those under the age of 35.

This without a doubt displays how people have grown super dependent on their mobile devices.

2.  Laptops.

In the United Kingdom, the laptop usage rates exceed 47 per cent throughout all age groups, with the highest percentages amongst the aged 35-54 years.

The distinction in consumption rate between the three youth demographic is, however, quite small, mirroring the allure of laptops for both students and professionals.

This gives us a glimpse of laptop usage in the United Kingdom.

People have relied on their laptops to carry out many daily activities, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic with the Uk government launching a laptop aid program.

Laptops have provided a platform for all of these activities, whether you’re studying, gaming, shopping, video chatting with friends, or attending live events.

Laptops are now used to remotely access a variety of things, proving to be a device that many people cannot live without.

3.  Smart TV.

Smart TVs that can download applications and connect to the internet – are becoming more common in British homes.

In 2014, only 11% of people in the Country had a Smart TV.

And in 2020, nearly 57 per cent of households reported owning a Smart TV.

Smart TVs, as opposed to traditional tv sets, can do so much more rather than obtain radio transmissions and showcase published content from a device connected.

Smart TVs are being used by a growing percentage of British citizens to access the internet, accounting for up to 26% of cumulative time online.

The figures clearly do not lie.

This demonstrates how people are reliant on smart televisions, with nearly half of the population in the UK owning one.


Trying to envision life without emerging technologies is virtually impossible.

We have become so reliant on technologically advanced that this has become an essential part of life.

Life has become easier, more efficient, safer, and much more pleasurable as a result of technological advancements.

Just about everything we do encompasses technology in some way, which further poses the possibility of whether we as a social system are overly reliant on technology.

In multiple ways, tech makes our day-to-day activities seamless and more enjoyable.

The trick is to strike the right balance in our use of technology.

Technology can be used to supplement our lives rather than to run them.