Science and Technology – Definition by Real Life Examples

Science and Technology - Definition by Real Life Examples

How someone could define precisely what is Science and Technology?

Science seeks out profound knowledge. Scientists investigate the world around us. They observe how things work and develop ideas about solutions to make them work better. Sometimes they fight to evaluate a perception to describe how something works. Scientists perform experiments to determine how things work. The knowledge that they can discover is wonderful for a lot of things. It can help to construct new machines. It can help scientists to build up new medicines or cure a disease. Technology is the utilization of scientific knowledge to make something new.

Then precisely what is an Inventor?

An inventor can be a person who produces a new idea or device to carry out a task. An invention could be the new technology created. An inventor with a brand new idea or design with an invention may decide to hold the idea protected. The idea gets protection from regulations in the paper referred to as a patent. A patent prevents other folks from making, using, or selling the brand new idea without permission in the inventor. Some inventions are merely a way to do or building something. They may improve preexisting technology. Other inventions are less complicated more difficult.

Today’s technology has been in the entire process of development for hundreds of years. New inventions are changing regularly on how people work and play. They change how people think and live. The future constantly brings us many more changes. This will happen even as we carry on and find out about the world.

Do we rely on science?

What have you done today? Did you talk about the telephone? Did you ride in a very car or on a bus? Did you use a computer or turn on a light? If you did some of these things, you used technology.

Almost everybody uses some form of technology at the office, home, or school. Computer programmers use computer technology to write down a pc program. People may write letters using some type of computer program called a word processor. Many people operate in the entertainment industry. Camera operators use television and motion-picture cameras. They use the crooks to make TV shows and movies. Disc jockeys, or DJs, play records and CDs on the radio.

Scientists utilize all types of technology to analyze the Earth and the Universe. Businesses usually have telephones, fax and copy machines, and computers. Graphic designers use desktop publishing programs to produce books and magazines. Doctors frequently use medical technology. They use it to help remedy injuries, illnesses, and diseases like cancer. Pilots fly airplanes and helicopters. Who knows what jobs will probably be produced by technology down the road!